in ax 2009 where does the user defined queries gets stored for reports

Hi All,

In ax 2009, while pulling any reports, we have the option to filter our query , like providing ranges.

Like inside dialog-Select Button-Inside which we can set a range as in PFA-.

I understand that its user specific , so that whenever he pulls the report based on the range whichever is defined.

I am interested to know where this values gets stored in database??

Reason: I had a custom reciept report which was directly connected to printer and its was picking “jounal number” from ledgerjournal Table but later , i changed the logic to pick it from ledgerjournaltrans and the outpit of report was really “shocking”-an output without meaning, complete values went wrong.

For this , when i changed the client configuration, like i create a new client configuration and ran the report-the result was perfect,

i still wonder whats the reason and would like to know whetehr it have anything to do with the previuosly saved ranges in old configuration??

As in PFA- Where the Journal number range provided gets stored.

Any quick thought will be appreciated.

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