Improving speed of printing (Report)

How can be improved the performance of the report in order to work faster.

In the report I use Job Table and Ledger Entry Tables and they contain too many records so printing of the report takes to much time.

Is there some way or approach to achieve that?


What version of NAV? What filters are being used and where are they placed.

You can try setting filters at the record level if you know there are some things you don’t need.

Thanks for the replay. I will try to explain

Data items: Job, Capacity Ledger Entry, Job Ledger Entry


Data Item Table View: SORTING(No.) WHERE(Status=CONST(Order))

Group Total Fields : No. (I am useing Group Footer for showing total (JobLeadgerTotal + CapacityLedgerTotal)

Capacity Ledger Entry:

Data Item Table View: SORTING(Job No, Assembly No.) (I added new key in Capacity LE table, because I need to group by Assembly No. field)

DataItemLink: Job No.=FIELD(No.)

TotalFields :Quantity (h)

GroupTotalFields :Assembly No.

Filter via code:

Capacity Ledger Entry - OnPreDataItem()

SETRANGE(“Capacity Ledger Entry”.“Global Dimension 1 Code”,ValueCenter);

(ValueCentar is value that is entered from user in a request form, so I think I can’t make this filter via property)

Job Ledger Entry:

Data Item Table View: SORTING(Job No.,Posting Date) WHERE(Type=CONST(Resource))

(First I use this:Entry No. for sorting, but in that way more slower)

DataItemLink: Job No.=FIELD(No.)

GroupTotalFields: Quantity

Filer via Code:

Job Ledger Entry - OnPreDataItem()

SETRANGE(“Job Ledger Entry”.“Global Dimension 1 Code”,ValueCenter);

Am I understandable?

The slow printing is caused only because of filters or by totals (and way of calculating) ,also??

I read on the forum that somebody use temporary tables but I am not sure that I understand that way . Is there any standard Report based on this approach, where I can see how temporary tables are used in order to increase the speed??

I use Navision2009, Classic Client


What is exactly the output/Format of report ?

.pdf and .xps, When I print in pdf it is a bit faster then xps.

When I remove SETRANGE from Data Items Triggers (On PreData Item)it is much faster. But that filters I can’t set via properties, because that are values entered in the req form, from the user