Improting User Groups and Users from 1 db to another!!


Am facing big problem, over here i imported company data from one Db to another- ax 2009.

Data got imported sucessfully, but users and user groups is not imported.

Can some one, suggest me how to bring users and usergroups alone now from old company to my new company.

Thanks in advance.

how you have imported the data from one db to the other???

You can use the standard export/import functionality of AX to export the system security tables from one system and then import them into another. This is from Microsoft and I must comment that I’ve had some difficulty with this. Here is their words:

You may import all or some of the following tables:

  • AccessRightsList* – security permissions for user groups
  • UserGroupInfo* – User groups
  • UserGroupList – user group membership
  • UserInfo – AX users
  • SysUserInfo – User settings
  • SysLastValue – Usage data (user)
  • DataArea - companies
  • DomainInfo* – domains
  • CompanyDomainList – companies belonging to domain

This must be done from the DAT company, as all security information is stored in DAT

The tables denoted with a (*) must always be transferred