Impossible to Write in the C/Side db with ODBC

Hello. I explain what i want to do. We have a Web site to take orders … What we want is to make a comunication between the Web db (in SQL server 2k) and the navision’s database. I try the C/ODBC connector whitch is on the install CD -Navision 2.01A FR -C/ODBC So, the update of the SQL server db with navision’s data = No problem ! the update of the Navision DB with SQL server’s data to make the synchronization = BAD BAD BAD ! it’s bugg !! I try to make a simple query(insert and update) with Microsoft Query and it works ! but not in SQL Server :frowning: An other things that is surprizing. In Access, when I want to import or to link navision’s tables, it doesn’t works neither (unknown error) So What is the problem ??? and how solve it ? problem of release of C/ODBC ? if anybody makes a similar project, thanks to he’s help. Ps: I use the Data Transformation services for my synchronization and even in the wizzard, it happens that SQL buggs. HELP

Hi Stras, early versions of C/ODBC do not allow writing to the navision db, if I am not wrong this is only possible with C/ODBC 2.6 upwards… you might need to consider to use C/FRONT to be able to write to the Navision db. You should also find quite a couple of posts on these topcis. Saludos Nils

I would try and upgrade your client and C/ODBC to a newer version where bugs in Access/Query conectivity have steadily resolved.