Importing XPO's

Hi All,

I have a common scenario here.

Once we develop/customize objects in development environment, we need to import the XPO’s to production env.

Here my question is do we need to change the AX license(End User —> Developer license) to the import the XPO’s into Production env. Is that mandatory to change the license?

If yes, do we need to synchronize the tables?


You shouldn’t import .xpo files to production. If you do, you risk that code there won’t be exactly what you tested in Test environment (yes, not in Dev), you have to compile it etc.

The right way is to move your code to the Test environment first, where you have still Dev license. When everything is tested, move the whole layer (and label files and anything else you need) to production in one quick step. It can be even fully automated. And you don’t need any special license in the production environment.

But you still need to synchronize the database. For example, if you add a field in the application, it’s not created in database unless the synchronization is run.

Thanks for your reply…

So I have understood that XPO’s should not be imported in Production environment directly, instead of that it should imported in Test environment(Replica of Prod server ) and after testing it we should copy the ax(layer).aod and necessary .ald files to Production environment and if there is any change in table or fields level it should synchronized there to take effect.

My doubt is after moving the .aod and other files do we need to restart the AOS?

Can you also explain how to automate the process?

You have to stop AOS to be able to overwrite the layer.

About automation, you just need to stopping the service, copy and delete some files (indexes), start the service again and synchronize DB. It can be automated in many ways, for example using PowerShell’s Start- and Stop-Service, Copy-Item, Remove-Item and AX startup command to run the synchronization. You may also look at my Powershell module and some examples.

Thank you Martin. Is there any document or material available for ax deployment.?

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