Importing Vendor master

hi naresh posted a very nice article regarding the importing of Vendor data at…/dynamics-ax-2009-8211-import-customer-master-vendor-master-and-their-primary-addresses.aspx but i find one problem as i have export the template for the vendor master and tring to import it through your process. At the definition group form, i click on table setup button, at the form i only found the overview tab not the Import criteria and the rest. can u tell me why so… please reply as today i have to import it any how

I guess because you have defined the type as standard. Try Excel. If you followed the instructions the import criteria would have been created - you need to create the template as part of this to create the import definition group. You need to actually follow the defined instructions, or understand them, picking the bits you think you may need makes me worry for the entire data conversion [:D]

Hi Guys,

I had import vendor master in AX 2009. The vendor information is appearing correctly. But the address of vendor is not appearing.

Can any one let me know what other tables is required while importing Vendor table.