Importing transactions in Navision.

Hi everyone!

Is there any standard functionality in Navision which enables you to import transactions such as sales invoices, purchase invoices and outstanding payments in Navision?

Are there any existing dataports which enables these transactions to be imported into Navision?

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Standard functionality would basically mena RIM, whcih incldes a lot of tools for this.

An awful lot of issues with the latest addition of RIM - false default entry and no validation means it is actually quicker and easier to use dataports. The advice from the presenter was to wait for the next release [:D]

I hav enot actually seen RIM, I was just going by the “hype” I have read. I guess I shouldn’t believe too much.

Uhm -

Pardon my ignorance - but what the bleep is rim?

Rapid Implementation Methodology

uhm… what is bleep? [;)]

Here is the fact sheet for the Rapid Implementation Methodology … (222 KB)

Joerg, thanks for this. I have moved it the Downloads section so it is more accessible.

RIM Fact Sheet

I just tried to download this file but it was not accessible. I haven’t used RIM. Could anyone explain how it works? In my company I need to import a lot of trasactions for sales orders (Yes Sales Orders) …most of the times I use dataports.

I can always try using RIm if its easier and quick to use.


I won’t repeat myself [:D] have a look here, but in summary my response would be not to use RIM.

Here are some RIM Videos

I have no sound on this machine so not sure what they were saying but looked to me like you got an Excel template and then manually keyed in your customer data in the format provided by the column headings then imported it into Navision. Please define the word “Rapid” for me [:D]

I had a look at the RIM stuff and fount it quite useless.

I was wondering if I could create some templates making it easier to setup our addon. In fact there is no faster way than keying in your data in Navision directly unless you have hundreds of lines (like customers, items and vendors) to import.

And if you do, you are still faster with dataports than with RIM.

So let’S see what the next version brings.

Ha ha I see without sound that it looks that way.

He types in a few for example purposes but first recommends if you can get your info from your previous system to copy & paste :slight_smile:

You’re right tho - he should have had 10 ready to go and also show that you can add/edit the list before importing. Would have save 5 mins at least.