Importing the data into AX from CSV/XML file.

Hi all,

this is srinivas.

i need to import the data into our ax fro csv or xml file.

that file contains the data like after completion packing slip whatever the data we have in our ax, the same data we have in that csv/xml file.

we need to import that file into ax and we need to raise invoice in our ax.

i tried but it was not properly importing . some relations are missing.

please help me.

any suggestion apreciated…

thank u…

Please help anyone…

any suggestion appreciated…

Hi Srinvas,

Sometimes it helps posting in the right forum! [:)]

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Packing slips do many things that you really shouldn’t meddle with manually (inventory and accounting transactions, for instance). Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, import orders and/or posting parameters and let AX to do the posting. Using direct imports would be extremely complex and risky.

Regarding how to import data in general: What’s your version of AX?

hi all… thanks for all your reply.

i am using ax 2012r3. i need to know about the AIF, how the integration will exists with other systems .

and i need some help how to UPGRADE ax 2009 to ax 2012r2… …?

immedeatly please help meee.

thnks all

Data imports, AIF and upgrades are three huge, separate topics - it makes no sense trying to cover them in a single forum thread. Fortunately they’re all covered by documentation, therefore read the documentation and if there is something that you don’t understand, create separate threads clearly explaining your problem.

Data imports: Data import, export and migration [AX 2012]

AIF: Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF) [AX 2012]

Upgrade: Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Your favorite search engine will help you to find the documentation next time.