Importing structured files

I have a file to import into the sales order module that consists of sections. These are structured as follows: HEAD,(Cust. Info.),(No. of Lines) etc DETAIL, (Order Detail * No.of Lines) VAT,(VAT Detail) SCHED,(Other Detail). The only other importing that I have done in Navision, has been flat files, that would import directley into one table. Any Suggstions on the best way to deal with this ??

Dean, Your best bet would probably be a codeunit with a “CASE” Statement in it. For each of the keyword you could write a separate piece of code. There are a few issues you will have to deal with along the way: 1. File Open dialog - this issue was discussed on some other forum 2. If incoming line is over 250 characters, there is no real way to deal with it. Navision has data type called “Binary” that goes up to 2K, does not seem to work… Alex