Importing Purchase Lines

Gooday Everyone,

I want to import purchase lines from a CSV file into Nav. for example if a purchase header has 3 lines then the Line No. field on the purchase lines table must read 1000, 2000, 3000 to represent that there are 3 lines for that header and if the next purchase header has 2 purchase lines then the lines must read line 1000, 2000 e.g,.

Purchase header 1

PO1 - Item 1(line 1000), Item 2(line 2000), item 3(line 3000)

Purchase header 2

PO2 - Item2(line 1000) item4(line 2000)

currently when i try to import my purchase lines the line numbers for example if i have a total of 30 lines in the CSV file. after importing then the numbers are 1000…30000 instead of running by Purchase header

can you give the first few lines of your csv file?

your example doesn’t have nearly all the info you need to accomplish this sucessfully