Importing problem

Hi all,

While I am importing a Xpo file, I am getting an error message i.e., The Value ‘no’ is not found in the map.

I selected

  1. Application object and lables from import

  2. Import with Id Values from options. can anyone share your ideas how to import

uncheck… Import with id values!! and try


same error occuring

I guess u are importing the xpo file from differnt version coz the error indicates that the particular object doesnt exist .

What are type of objects you are trying to import.?>>?

Maximum toatal aot which is in ax 4.0, how can i do now

When you import with “Only application objects” it is the same?

From what/to AX version/SP are you exporting/importing? Are source and target AX the same versions (but this shuldbn’t be a big issue)?