Importing problem using Dataport

Hello, i have some datain an Notepad file with comma seperated. now i need to import some data from the file using Dataport. i need to import a perticular columns only. anyone can give a small idea to do this? thanks, RameshKumar.

Yeap, just define some global variables and put these in the dataport item fields for the fields you do not want to import. Only use table fields when you want to import the field.

very good idea… thanks Thomas Brodkorb. RameshKumar

You could even create just ONE global variable of the type “Text250” and use it for all fields you do not need, NAvision is then overwriting the text in that variable all time, but we do not care [;)]

If you wanted to get complicated, you could build a new table to import the data into and then then transfer the data into the existing table(s).