Importing Pre-conversion invoices in NAV 2013


Can anyone help me here, how do we import pre-conversion invoices that is the open invoices from an old third party system into New NAV 2013 system.

there are lots of open invoices so users do not want to re-enter them.

We want to import into NAV 2013.

Please assist.


You can use XMLPORt for import those invoices with specified formats via MS-Excel

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome …

One possible solution if the third party database is in sql server create linked servers on to the 2013 database and create tables to connect them to the linked server so that u can used the data in nav…

now you create a generic routine to recreate all those invoices here in nav 2013… keep that routine safe… that would be useful here also…

this way u will insert all the dimensions and all required tracking and can validate all ur data as per NAV 2013 PROTOCOL.

in the created by user id field u can use the tag system just to identify these orders in future…

this is my smart way of doing things…!!