Importing NAV Objects when another object already exists with that ID

I was given some NAV objects from an affiliate company which has written some objects for reporting. These objects are tied to the 50000 numbering range.

When I tried to import them, I found that our MS Var has used these numbering IDs already for another purpose. I have not been able to identify a way to import these objects to a new ID.

Any idea how?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

The best way to do this is as follows:

  • Create an empty database
  • Export all the objects from your live database
  • import them into the empty database
  • Import the new objects into the empty database

Now you can examine the new objects, and if necessary renumber them. Once renumbered, you can re-export and import into your live database. They may not compile though. You will probably have to get the MS Var to renumber them for you.

Part of the requirements for the company that did the modifications should have been to determine which Object IDs you had available. Have them renumber the objects and don’t let them charge you for it.

Now if someone told them the wrong IDs, that’s a different story.