Importing Ledger Entries

A new client wants to keep their stock transaction history (sales and purchase) when migrating from Multisoft. I am considering generating closed item ledger entries, but am concerned to avoid problems down the line with COGS. Has anyone had to do this and have they any advice ?

Hmmm. You should be a bit concerned[;)]. I usually say No No to customers wanting to import history in ledgers. It’s a great way to get into trouble. Theoretically it should be possible to import lines to Item journal of type Purchase and Sale so the total of that becomes the current stock. But You will most certainly end up with another value than the current system since Navision probably deals with valuation a bit different than their current system does. You need to do careful testing. And don’t forget to do inv. adjustments and look at the inventory valuation report so You don’t mess anything up. Anyone else out there done this? /Lars

I think there are generally three responses that you can give to a client wanting this. a/ NO. b/ Absolutely NO way ever… are you crazy. or c/ …here is a list of alternate solution centers … good bye. [}:)] with [:D] intended… The correct solution is to create an Item Journal and post the entries. If you need help or guidance with that, just ask.

or say yes, mark all imported ledger entries with a special “invisible” code so you can delete them in one sec. And when the customer wants them remove again (reason: so posts above) you say it’s a good 10 days of work.

Emiel you for got the “[}:)]” icon in your posting. [;)]

darn, let me correct this! Posted - 2003 May 15 : 09:28:40 := Posted - 2003 May 15 : 09:28:40 + [}:)]; Thx m8!