Importing Item master for item numbers that are only numeric


We have been given simple excel templates to fill to import the item master / BOM by consultants in AX. firstly it is very time consuming to convert our legacy data ( already in excelt) and convert to AX template format. Secondly if an item number is only numeric, system does not import and gives errors. Even when we change cell format to text, it does not work unless we click each item number and press enter and then save the file. For 10,000 items, this is frustrating. i believe there is definitely some solution but our consultants say this is the only way??? how can that be???

If it is a text format and you enter the leading zeroes and save it as a CSV this works just fine. Pure numeric with leading zeroes in a numeric field strips them away when Excel saves to CSV due to the format - no way I would ever tell a customer click in every item field and press enter 10,000 times and then save the file. Try it with 10 in text and save to CSV - open the CSV in notepad and have a look - if you open it in Excel and have a look and resave it will strip the zeroes and fail!

all the templates given to us by consultants are in xls/xlsx formats. I believe it wont accept the import if file is saved as CSV format???

Hi U,

You will can try the following one:

Open the Excel > Select the column that you want to transform of numeric to text > Go to in border Data > click in option Text to Columns > Click bottum Next at appear the data set Column Data Format > Select the option Text > Click in th button Finished.

You finished to transform the numeric value in text.



oh wow! dats quite intelligent! thanks.