Importing GL entry error

As we are importing the GL entry and when it’s synchronizing with Dynamics Nav, it comes with the following error: "Amount must not be 0 in Gen. Journal Template Name =“Sales”, Journal Batch Name="Default’, Line No."65000’ "

Does anyone has a solution for this issue?

Thanks so much!

Hi Annie,

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How are importing the G/L Entry? Are you using a dataport? If you can provide some details, we can help you better.

The error message indicates that in one of the line Amount is 0 which should not be 0 (Perhaps in 65th Line).

Hi Annie,

This is common when importing from Excel and a blank row/cell is left or a blank line at the bottom of a text file - just delete the line

As this is not a confirmed program error, but “simple” data error I moved the thread…


We set up the vendor, customers (w/ no problem) and then import the GL entry data using excel. There are no blank lines at the bottom of the file. Would there be any other issues?




More details on the issue. Below is exactly what it shows on the screen:

Journal Batch Names…default

Checking lines…40

Checking balance …0%

posting lines …0%

This shows along with the error message on a different screen box: "Amount must not be 0 in Gen. Journal Template Name =“Sales”, Journal Batch Name="Default’, Line No."65000’



Its just what the message says:

You have a line with ZERO Amt. And, don’t let line no 65000 confuse you, this is not line no 65K - if you have noticed, Navision numbers lines starting with 10000 and increments by 10000, too…

Check your data.


I’ve followed the suggestion and removed 0 balance entries from the general Entry and also added “N/A” on the entries that don’t have a document No.

We get the following error:
Journal Batch Name… DEFAULT
Checking Lines … 1315
Checking balance … 1 0%

Document No. must be 1 in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=‘SALES’,Journal Batch Name=‘DEFAULT’,Line No.=‘53000’.

If your data contains DocNo (you import historical data) remove **Autonumbering (**clear field No.Series ) from SALES template Batch DEFAULT.

When import is finished, you may restore it to previous value.


Don’t put N/A instead of missing DocNos - this field can be simply left blank - Navision treats all lines with equal DocNos as part of one Document, which all together MUST BALANCE, if not - posting woul not be allowed!

Hi Modris

Thanks for the reply, I have removed the “N/A” from the missing DocNos field and also I cleared the No.Series from the SALES template Batch DEFAULT as you suggested. But I get the following error

“You must specify Document No. in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=‘SALES’,Journal Batch Name=‘DEFAULT’,Line No.=‘117200’.”

Any suggestion?

Thanks again



Sorry, I was mistaken when writing

in the part of “leaving blank” - just checked, even balanced line (set both Account & Bal.Account) needs DocNo to be set in GL Journal.

So, where missing in imported data, it must be set, and set correctly. This causes additional work, as you can’t use autonumberig feature for reasons mentioned earlier, and N/A or random won’t fit either for lines not balanced.

Usually startup data are entered, following certain rules and every Partner has its prepared methods/templates of doing this job, with which every implementation starts. This usually includes usage of “non-balancesheet” account, to where all partial entries are balanced, and, when finished, this supplemental account must balance to zero. Such approach allows you to use e.g. STARTBAL as DocNo for all lines.

BTW, Annie - are you a client trying to do startup data entry on your own? According to your questions it looks like so… Where then is your Partner company - why they don’t help you? Here in forum you can find many threads about startup procedures, but, if you are totally unfamiliar with this (and Navision), doing so will take much more time, than working side by side with Partner company…