Importing Fob Files Automatically

Hi, We have a client who is still using 2.5 (database as well as executables). They have asked if it is possible to automate the import of fob files. We send them fobs quite regularly but they have staff who sometimes forget to put them live in the evening and would like to put the fobs in a folder and after 8.00 in the evening have a routine that can automatically import these fobs. Has anybody ever received such a request ? Can anybody think of any suggestions to achieve this ? Many thanks in advance

Seems like a nono to do as someone might put wrong fobs in the folder, which then could be automatically imported in a live system. Anyway, I don’t think it’s possible.

You can export the BLOB field inside the Object table and on the other side import it. Note that you loose the object ID, name, version, etc. but you can work arround that.

Robin, The best answer to give to your customer is : it is impossible. This will return against you, finally, I think. If the the user has enough Navision knowledge to import it by himself, then let him do it by himself, if he forget to do it, it is his problem. Otherwhise make it by yourself with a remote client and let them pay for the hours. I speak from experience; too kind = too much problems [}:)] Regards

Thanks Guys, The client asked me to investigate, which I have (thanks to you), and I can now truthfully go back to them and say ‘Sorry can’t be done’. Cheers