Importing/Exporting fob Including Data


Am trying to export a table together with the data but any time i do, i have an empty table. the data does not appear. I read on w1w1adg 4.0 chapter 6.2 page 74 and it is telling me it is possible.

It this really possible? IF yes how can i go about it? Has any one done this?

Please i need your ideas.


Hi ,

Is really possible to this ? I would like also to know

I have never seen this in NAV and I’m quite sure (99% jajja) that it’s not possible.

What’s the problem exporting table object and using a dataport/xmlport?

Make it 100%! Not that way, by sure!

I also don’t think its possible that is why i am asking from this forum.

Hi newcommer.

So what you need to do is create a dataport based in your new table. Export all the data out of your new table.

Create a FOB of your new table and the dataport.

Import the FOB to the other database.

Run the dataport to import the data into the new table in the new database.

When you export an Object (Fob or Txt) it does not, cannot, and more than likely never will take the data with it.


for sure, fob will only export the object and not the data.

Thanks all. Am fine