Importing Euro Conversion tool

I’m trying to import the euro-conversion tool objects into an NL2.00 database. The problem is that the fob file is of version NL2.01 and refuses to be imported in the 2.00 database. By the way, I don’t want to upgrade my client because that would mean it must be upgraded at every workstation of our client.

Get the same set of objects from Navision for NF 2.00 seems to be the easiest solution. OR You could also try the following : 1/ Import your set of objects into a 2.01 B Database 2/ Export your set of objet in text format 3/ Import them into a NF 2.00 DB I cannot guarantee that it works, I’ve not used NF 2.00 and NF 2.01 for a while so I cannot remember all the backward compatibility you can get. Multi Language maybe …

Thx but that won’t work, the problem is that the objects are in a range I can’t import as text as long as I don’t have these object already in the database.

You could use Navision renumbering tool to renumber your objects IDs. (The renumbering tool used to be part of the NF compare tools) But why you don’t you ask your NTR to email you the set of objects for NF 2.00 ? A much quicker and less painfull process if you ask me :wink: My $0.02