Importing electronic account statements from the b

I have a customer that would like to simplify the process of bank reconciliation. They want to import their account statements from the bank into Axapta. Then they would like, hopefully, at least 90% of the statement to be matched against the transactions in the bank module. That way they can focus on what’s missing. Is there a way in the bank module to 1) import electronic bank statements 2) make use of them somewhere within the bank module 3) match the bank module transactions against the bank statements Anyone done this? Or does anyone understand the structure of the bank module a bit better than I do and know how to do this?

Hi, Well you could use tha electronic account statements to upload into your BRS screen. However the matching process has to be carefully worked after discussion with your client. One of the better ways for matching would be to use the Cheque Number as the Document Number and use this field to match the statements, as it is normally found on all bank statements. Cheers,