Importing data via Excel using definition group not importing item ID

Using our test database, I have created a trade agreement linked to a user group, but this needs 5000 items adding to it. Rather than doing this manually, I exported a definition for the ‘pricedisctable’ using the Excel export wizard, together with the three records I had initially added manually. I then added the details for the 5000 lines (taken from an external database) and imported the data using the definition file created in the export. The new sales price (field name ‘Amount currency’) has imported correctly, but the item ID (in this case named ‘Item Relation’) has not. The field format should be correct as this is what the definition file does.

I should also say that we are using Dynamics AX 2009.

I have sorted this one.

It would appear that I had to convert the item IDs (Amount currency) not just to plain text but using the =TEXT(A1,“0”) format then copy/paste special in order to get the right kind of text. i.e. with the little green tag in the corner of the cell that says “the number in this cell is formatted as text or preceded by an apostrophe”. What a pain!