Importing Data from Excel to AX 2009 Table Not Working


I’m having a problem importing data via excel to AX. These are the steps I took:

1- I created an Excel Template by using the Template Wizard (Administration).

2- I copied my data from a SQL query to the Excel workbook (Excel Template Generated in step 1)

3- I went back to AX 2009, clicked on the Definition Groups and imported the data.

4- Import was successful.

Now the weird issue is that if I open the table through either SQL or directly from the AOT, the data is there! However, when I go the EmplTable form and I click in my custom button (Menu Item Button - Menu Item Button links to the new form I created and it has the correct data sources) the form is EMPTY!!!

I have already synchronize the tables. I even restarted the AOS and SQL Server services.

I’m clueless … : ( Help please.

The employee table is not a single table, it has many supporting tables that you must also import to get this to work, this is far from straightforward.

This has been discussed on this site if you want to search for it, and MS published parts about it, look at this link.

I also encountered the same problem.

thanks for that link, Adam