Importing data from a website to AX table

Dear all,

I have a strange query, is it possible to import data from a website to AX table ?

For example , a website has some data in grid type , and having 100 pages , i want to import data page by page.

is it possible in AX ( please don’t laugh if not possible [:)] )



u cant take directly in ax but u can take in excel and thn import the excel file

please refer the below link

thanks for your response ,

but this is for single page, if i have 500 webpage , then is it not a possible to do it for every page

It definitely is possible, but there are many options - it’s impossible to recommend the right one without more information.

If your web application can provide paged data by a service, you could simply consume the service in AX. If it’s not supported but you can introduce such a service, it’s probably worth doing. Maybe you could get access to the data store (e.g. a database) used by the web site. In the worst case, you could parse the HTML - fortunately you can find tools to help you (such as Html Agility Pack) if it gets complicated.

The opposite approach would be to let the web application to push data to AX, e.g. through AIF services.

this will help u