Importing Customer using AIF AX 2012


I’m not able to import customers using AIF “File system adapter” and I am getting following error when job is run,

“The number sequence AR_001 does not allow the Customer account to be defined.”

“Reservation not allowed for number sequence AR_001.”

Please can anybody suggest on this.


Ambanna Yatnal

From your query it seesm you want to supply the customer ID. In this case you need to check the number sequence attached with customer Id field and change it to MANUAL from CONTINUOUS.

This should resolve the problem.



Thanks for the reply Gaurav.

Its working.


Ambanna Yatnal

Hi Ambana Yatnal,

Can you tell me the steps which you are following to achieve this task or any blogs?

I am trying to import a customer using AIF by following the steps mentioned in a blog but it is not working. I don’t know where am I missing.


Faisal Raja J

Faisal, this thread is about a problem caused by continues number sequences. If it’s your problem too, simply go and use the solution described above.

If you have a different problem, you’re off-topic here. Create a new thread for your specific problem and don’t forget to provide much more information.“Is not working” isn’t sufficient definition of any problem.