Import Products in ax 2012

Hi Friends

I am trying to import products in ax 2012 so that i can see the products in released products forms with all the respective product variants.Can you please tell me what are the table required to be published with there sequence of publishing so that we can see in released products forms.

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Just browse it, you will get the code to insert the data in to product forms. Once you get the data in product form(EcoResProduct -Table) you can easily release those product in specified company in a single go, by selecting multiple products. It doesn’t take much time as well. Release product will be saved in InventTable. Btw, let me know if you require X++ code.

Hi Vishal

Thank you for your help. I Have uploaded products in to ECOResProduct using excel Addin.However i am facing challenges while uploading in remaining tables as we have to upload them till we see products in released products forms.I am following these

blog help me out in identifying the sequence of tables to be imported.

Thank You