Import product on Data migration framework


i have been trying to import a product list via the data migration frame work.

i have done the following:

  1. create the entity name and select product, when i generate the source file it gave me the following fields as mandatory:







none of the above files can be unselected.

  1. generate the source file, in the source file

  2. generate the source mapping

  3. validate

  4. i go to the staging data, and everything is fine

  5. copy data to target, here comes the problem, when i run the job, it gives me the following error:

Cannot create a record in Product number (EcoResProductIdentifier). Product number: XXXXXXX.

The record already exists.

when the record is totally new, i did change the item name many times but the same error, actually the error is created from the ItemId field, which i cant ignore.

what should i do?

is there any other field that i have to include in my file?


Fadi ghrawi

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Hi munib,

Thanks for the reply i think that my problem was generated because i didnt update my AX kernal version to 6.0.1108.670 and i was using the old one.

now everything seems fine after installing the hotfix.

am not really sure though