import Price discount groups for every item using data port

Hi the price band of each item in the previoues systems,the fields are

Sales Price , Marging % and Band

210.40 , 33.3 , A

189.30 , 25.9 , B

So we use particulare band for different item, how can i map those fields into navsion, can i use Price discount groups, but how i import those filed into price discount group.

Well assuming the price band is associated to a customer you set these up as customer price groups, setting the option field appropriately in the sales pricing table, define the item number (not on your example but you will need it) and then the price. The margun is not held in this manner on the sales price table so unless you need it do not use it. You do not want to use discounts as you are not creating discounts here, they are prices.

As a slight aside you really need to understand how Navision handles pricing and discounts before starting this, otherwise you could easily be wasting your time. You also need to understand how and why the current structure works. There is little point making assumptions and both ends of this process and getting it wrong. Decide what the pricing structure is, how this is mapped to Navision and this in essence half writes the dataport for you, as you know what you are doing.