Import Periodic Budget

We are trying to import the budget through the budget functions in Navision 2.6. We have periodic budgets (Jan=10, Feb=20, Mar=15, etc.) in Excel. Each month is a column. I notice in Navision that it requires only 1 column for the amount and then divides it equally across the periods specified. If we put in 01/01/03…12/31/03, it would take the amount and divide it by 12, which in the above case would be incorrect. What is the best way to import periodic budgets? Thank You

i should suggest creating your own custom import that allows you importing the budget in the way you need it to be done. If you’re not having the knowledge/license for doing such changes, try contacting your NSC. Regards,

We have also developed our own custom import. It make things much easier and saves a lot of time.