Import of 3-tier Config gives Text error

I’m very new to Axapta and am having a problem. When importing a 3-tier config file, I imported it in Configuration and then when launching Axapta, I get the following error: ‘The client installation is missing the required files to run Navision Axapta. Text Click OK to install them now.’ I click OK and then get the error that ‘…path… TDSOLClockControl.ocx could not be opened’ It doesn’t appear to affect the running of the application but it’s a bit annoying as it happens every time I launch Axapta. I’ve gotten similar error messages on other machines but I’m guessing it’s something simple and consistent. Thanks in advance for your help! Shirley

Hi Shirley, I’m also very new to Axapta, but try this: The CRM module in Axapta seems to use this file. Either you can disable the configuration key for CRM or you can get the file from the AOS (it’s in the ‘navision\axapta client\share\include’ directory) and place it in the same directory on the client. Hope to have helped you out! Patrick MSN:

Thank you very much for your help! At least now I know why I received the error!