import navision 3.70 table into sqlserver 2005

Hi, I have some DTS jobs on my sql server 2000 running. Its an import from navision 3.70 table (navision own database) to sqlserver. Every day the table is new imported on sqlserver. Therefore I had the navision 3.70 odbc driver installed on sqlserver 2000. And I created a ODBC datasource which I used in DTS Connection. Now for a test I start the import and export wizard. Choose as datasource (.net framework data provider for odbc) - I find no other odbc selection - don’t know which to select. Also I don’t know what I have to write into the parameters: Data - ConnectionString Named Connection String - DSN Source - Driver In the Navision ODBC driver I have the following settings: Datasource: Attain Connection: Server Servername: Net Type: TCP Company Name: C Userid: hugo Pwd: *** Which datasource Provider must I take to connect ti navision 3.70 own database? And which parameters? Thanks!