Import Lots nos and/or serial nos.

Hi all! How is it possible to import lots nos from anothet system to navision?? Let say I need to have at the beginning of day one: 100 units of Lot ABC of item A in Inventory. From those 100 units, 50 are costed and 50 are un-costed ( No cost , because the cost is known only when the item is invoice through a job). 200 units of Lot DFG of item B… If I create a dataport that will import all my items to Navision , how the import file will be ?? Thanks for help.

shanna, We went through that process several years ago. We used positive adjust in an item journal to bring in all of our parts with their lots, serial no’s, and costs. I would not recommend bringing in some as costed and others not; the system does not have a good way to post the costs later. We chose to port our inventory in stages, only after each item was fully costed. milt

Thanks for the advice. How do I put cost in Navision if instead of average cost , Fifo will be used? How to have the righ cost then? Thanks.

If You want to put in cost later that can be done by modifying the functions for charge items so that You can use a charge item on a vendor invoice and apply that cost to a previosly posted positive adjustment. I do not know if this is the right way for You to go, but it’s a possible solution.