Import korean character from xml file

Dear All,

Currently i’m developing integration to read xml file for Korea. but there’s problem when x++ read and populate in table(Axapta), i found 2 issue as below:

  1. not complete update in Korean char.

  2. sometimes it will try to convert from Korean char to symbol.

sample: No333 °³Æ÷,¼­¿ïƯj41d0?1

Need advice from senior developer if any method that i don’t know that might useful for this. thanks in advance

p/s: I’ve try to use several method to read node such as _node.getNodeValue(), _node**.toString() and** _node**.text().**

my original code that i write in class:

protected void parseDeliveryLocation(XMLNode _node)


str strNode;


strNode = _node.getNodeValue();

table.Korean = strNode


version: Axapta 3.0

What’s character encoding of the XML file and collation of the table?

Nevertheless note that AX 3.0 is prehistoric and it doesn’t support Unicode, which is likely going to cause you some troubles. Also note that Dynamics AX added support for Unicode nine years ago (in AX 4.0). That’s close to eternity, in IT world. This is just one example of price you have to pay for not keeping your system up-to-date.

In XML is using Korean character. and this file is populate by 3rd party software which i’m not sure how they encode it.

below are sample of korean char in xml:


seem’s like no other way to update using XML, i’m thinking to ask user key in this information in AX3.0 directly since using when they type. it will not have any issue.

Thanks Martin for your reply

You don’t have to know what they did, since you have the file and therefore you can look at the encoding by yourself.

There are two things to take into account:

  • XML header ( e.g. <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”>). UTF-8 is the default.
  • Actual text encoding

They should match, obviously.

You can’t fix the problem until you identify what happens. Maybe you just forgot to convert between encodings at some place.

After check back in XML, found below node without encoding=“UTF-x”>, so it’s is Actual text encoding right?


back to question, integration that i build currently read XML node and populate as string into AX table. I use same method like Alphabetic (A-Z) char.


Managed to get workaround solution by read all string in xml node including “<></>”, strRem function is use for remove the node name.

my sample code > strrem(node.toString(),nodeName); , element that i read not contain any of “<,>,/” symbol.

thanks for help.