Import Items, BoMs in AX 2012 using excl or other method

Hi, we use a third party PLM software that maintain all of our products and BoM. We need to bring the items and BoM into AX 2012. What is the best way to import the released products? I would assume that we don’t need to import them as a products and then release (instead I can import as a released products).

I searched the forum and found that there are # of tables that I need to import. If using excel, is there a blog or technet reference that tell how to use excel to import data into AX?

I am curious to know What other methods that some of you have tried? for BoM, it would be BoM, BoMTable, BoMVersion tables; And for released products there could any where from 12 - 21 tables more or less.

  1. How could we import the default order settings for each item (released products → under manage inventory)?

  2. How could we import customer part # and vendor part #.

Thank you