Import invoice with invoice discount amount


i want to import invoices with invoice discount amount and it didn’t work when i post my invoice. The invoice discount amount is OK in the statistic page of the invoice page.

In the header, the fields are ok, in the line the invoice discount amount is ok but the invoice discount amount was updated to 0 when the CU 80 run [:’(][:’(]

Any ideas …[*-)]



this looks like the posting routine is recalculating your invoice discount. Do you have the field “Calculate invoice discount” enabled in the sales setup? In this case the invoice discount is calculated as defined in the invoice discounts table. In this case, in the statistics window, the “invoice discount amount” field is non-editable.

Recommendation: Disable the “Calculate invoice discount” field. Then you can manually define the invoice discount, or import it.


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Thanks Jens,

it’s work fine.