import from the 13 line of file


i want to import data from the 13 line of a file ,i am using a datareport ,i found that is possible to increase the position of reading (CurrFile.SEEK(21); ).but i have to begin importing from 13 line because i don’t know the size of the 13 line so i can use CurrFile.SEEK(size);

Iam using microsoft dynamics navision 4.0.


What’s on the first 12 lines? Headers?

here’s a post on how to skip a header line or x amount of header lines::

Is the 13th Line identified by some character?
How about using a count and importing into variables.

LineCount := 0;

LineCount := :LineCount +1;
if LineCount <13 then begin
end else Begin
…Map your variablesa to nav fields here

Thank you for your help very match ,i tried the solution in the post that you send me ,it’s works fine .