Import from MsAccess without Automation

I have a table in MsAccess called References and I can append this table to table references in NF. The table in MsAccess is the same that NF. I want make it without automation, is possible? Thanks;

I think the best way to do this, is using a dataport. You should save the table in MsAcces in some text format, and import it to Navision using the dataport. Why do you not want to use automation? Anolis Sittard Netherlands

Thanks for your reply!!! With this solution, Can I append the access table data to the NF table data? I cant to use Automation because I dont know use this object and I havent license to use it. thanks another time.

Yes, you can. In MsAcces you can Export you table as txt file. Do you have a license for making dataports? If you have one: When you export your table in MsAcces as txt-file, you’ll have to select the ‘fixed format’. The dataport in Navision should have the same property. This all should work. Did it? Anolis Sittard Netherlands Edited by - anolis on 11/20/00 3:27:05 PM

Why don’t you use C/ODBC. THis way you can link the access table directly to NF without a step in between