Import flowfield field

Dear Friends, Can anyone suggest me how to import flowfield field?, I have used dataport to import flowfield field but it can’t work. Thanks you[:0]

Did you use the ‘CalcFields’ property to define which flowfields to be calculated automatically during import.

Yes, I did

If you want to import this field and save to database, it is impossible, because flow field’s value is calculated. Or maybe I don’t understand something?

Hi Viktoras, U r right. Flowfield values are always calculated. But if required for some reasons, u can calculated, import a value in flowfield and save it to another compatible type of field.

I think you can update the flowfield value which will in turn generate a record in the table the value is summed from. When you are importing flowfield values the ‘line’ record has to exist before you can import the flowfield value which will add an ‘entry’ record to the underlaying table. When importing records in a dataport the record isn’t added at the same time that a record entered through a form is. In a dataport you can load the flowfield value into a variable and do something like this: OnBeforeImportRecord: INSERT; FlowField := FlowFieldVariable; MODIFY; Django