Import/Export of Caption ML Data

Is there an easy way to export and import the Caption ML property data from let’s say a WorldWide 2.60 to a French Version 2.60 ?

Yup… there was an option for exporting a language under tools in object designer… it’s allowing you exporting and importing also… :slight_smile: Regards

Hi Tarek, as with the normal export/import you need to mark all the objects that you want to process, and depending on your circumstances you either export via “Translate” to a txt file if you want to edit the CaptionML manually, or via “Language Module” which will use a Navision file format. Importing via Translate will set the Modified flag and change the date, whereas “Language module” won’t have this sideeffect. The only inconvenience is, that you cannot choose/activate the other language set via Tools, Language as in Attain, you need to code something in C1 to select the other language codes… Saludos Nils