Import/Expor Excel sheet

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Can any one say what is the use,function of the classes what i have mentioned below…? And what is the difference between SysExcelWorksheets and SysExcelWorksheet , SysExcelWorkbooks and SysExcelWorkbook …?

COMVariant COMVariant1;
SysExcelApplication app;
SysExcelWorkbooks Workbooks;
SysExcelWorkbook Workbook;
SysExcelWorksheets Worksheets;
SysExcelWorksheet Worksheet;
SysExcelCells Cells;
SysExcelCell RCell;




A worksheet is a single page or sheet in an Excel spreadsheet. By default, there are three worksheets per file. Switching between worksheets is done by clicking on the sheet tab at the bottom of the screen. A workbook is a single workbook in an Excel Application also you can open more then one workbook in an Excel appl.


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These classes are used for Export/Import of data to/from Exel sheets. We need to follow some sequenc to do this.

sysExcelApp = SysExcelApplication::construct();///SysExcelApplication
workbooks = sysExcelApp.workbooks();///Workbooks

cOMVariant = new COMVariant();

workBook = workBooks.add(cOMVariant);///Workbook(creating workbook)
worksheets = Workbook.worksheets();///WorkSheets(creating Work Sheets)
worksheet = worksheets.itemFromNum(1);///WorkSheet(Accessing a single work sheet)