Import excel sheet through Excel Buffer table

Hi All,

We managed to read and import excel data to Excel Buffer table using the below functions,


Now we would like to transfer the data from Excel Buffer table to Currency Exchange Rate table( No.330).

Can somebody let us know how to do that using a codeunit.

In Excel buffer table I have the below mentioned fields,

Row No. Column No. Cell Value as Text

1 1 GBP

1 2 28/04/11

1 3 0.59

2 1 AUD

2 2 28/04/11

2 3 0.91

and so on…

Appreciate your help.

Ashish Kokney

Use Field Virtual Table,

if you dont know it, just create a new Tabular Form and Specify Field as the Table and take a look at it.

or you can use FieldRef and RecRef

this should solve it


Thanks for your reply.

Does this also works if we are scheduling a job que ?