Import excel sheet for multiple item creation

Hi, I’m a totally new Navision 2009 user and I wan’t to learn to create multiple new items with Excel import inot navition.

Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial for this or describe it. I have looked in the documentation we have and there is nothing about this in there.

I want to import everything I need including salesprices.


Hi Fredrik,

You can use the “Data Migration” functionality in NAV 2009 for this. Just search for “Data Migration” in the RTC client. Here you define a import template for each table you want to import data into. So to import items and sales price you must make one for Item (table 27) and one for Sales Price (table 7002). When you have selected the fields you need (must include all required fields like posting groups etc.), then you export the template to Excel. This will include all your existing records. But just delete most of them, keep only a few lines to serve as an example of how the data must be set. Then copy paste your data into this template. And when done delete the existing data lines you kept. Then you can import again using the Excel file.

Once imported NAV will check the data for any errors, such as new code values.

The Unit Of Messure most likely will cause you a problem, if you didn’t already mark the Unit of Measure fields (Base, Sales and Purchase UOM) not to be validated. You must do this, because the Unit Of Measures are defined in the “Item Unit Of Measure” (table 5404), and you must import this table also, for any new items. So you cannot import items unless the related record in the “Item Unit of Measure” table exists, and you cannot import into the “Item Unit of Measure” table unless the Item exists. The way to solve this is to either mark the “Item No.” field in the Item UOM table not to Validate (you do this in the Field definitions - you must choose to display this additional column first). Then you can import the Item Unit of Measure, without the Item already being created, and after that you can import the Items.