import excel in remote environment

Hi expert,

how to import data from my local drive using import excel function in a remote environment? i tried to but error says “could not create excel instance”.

Is excel is installed on server /remote machine ??

Hi ,

no, excel is install on the local

Then you might need to install Excel on Server machine for creation of instance of excel

Or else you need to upload data via dataport using text file.


  1. Before my local pc was connected on Terminal Server 2003

  2. Terminal Server or Server has no excel installed

  3. But the TS was down and we buy a new TS 2008 then connect my pc

  4. Why i need to install excel in TS now?

You need to install excel in TS as during creation of excel instance it will look for the application on TS.

Hi Amol,

Thanks a lot…