Import - Does not import ID

Im using Axapta 3.0 SP2. I created a import template for the CustTable. Then I populate the created Excel file with sample data. However, when I do the import the system tells me that the record already exist. It seems that the Customer No. is not imported, so the first record only is imported with a blank customer id then the second record will produce an error since blank is already existing. This may be related to the number sequence, however I already set the number sequence assigned for cust. id to allow manual setting. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi, Are you populating the Customer account field in excel file with any values? If don’t, than the number sequence will not do this for you, unless specify a conversion code in the TableSetup screen of the definition group (number sequence must not be set to manual): numberseq ns; ; ns = numberseq::newgetnum(numbersequencereference::find(typeid2extendedtypeid(typeid(CustAccount)))); custtable.accountnum = ns.num(); Also, make sure to ckeck mark the Run conversion option ,from the left top of this screen. Regards, CD

This sounds identical to the problem I had recently trying to import the chart of accounts. The solution involved padding the account number with leading blanks. It turned out the account number was an alpha field but was right justified with leading blanks. So the 15 character field needed to have 9 blanks added to the left of our 6 digit account number. This was done in Excel. The file then imported fine. Good luck, Bruce