Import dimension 3, 4, and ..... in purchase line

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Can anybody help me in importing purchase line in both order and invoice which has dimension 3 and 4? Purchase line table has has only dimension shortcut 1 & 2. I already tried to import dimension 3 & 4 in Document dimension but it fails to update the data.

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Can you tell us how you are importing data . ? What kind of problem you are facing ?

Thanks for the reply Amol.

My client wanted to upload bulk PO and Invoice lines from Excel to NAV. But purchaseline table has dimension 1 & 2 only. My client has 4 dimensions per line. How can I incorporate dimension 3 & 4 when importing PO or Invoice lines to Purchase line table. I imported the remaining dimension 3 & 4 directly to table 357 (Document Dimension) but i got this error message upon migration:

“You must specify Dimension Value Code in Document Dimension Table ID=‘39’,Document Type=‘Order’,Document No.=‘PCF#000001’,Line No.=‘20000’,Dimension Code=‘DEPARTMENT’.”

These are dimension 3 & 4 adjustment.

It is saying you have not put the value for all dimensions which are mandatory for PO processing.

Specify the value dimension Department.