Import Data Text Format in NF

Hello I have generate a text file. This text file is Ok when i look in Microsoft NOTEPAD. When i import these data with a dataport i have strange caracters like Ó = à or Ú = é … I think that my text file is not in the good format. I regenerate the text file. The text is french (àéè…) Has anybody a solution ? Thanck you for your help Didier

Navision are using ASCII as textformat. Windows are using ANSI. I have uploaded a CU in downloads section with function to konvert between ANSI and ASCII, you can call this from the dataport. Good luck Product Manager

I don’t want to be fussy but let me define the terms: Both files are ASCII. They only use different character sets. Windows uses ANSI and Navision uses the old DOS character set which is called OEM. Thanks Per for providing this codeunit, I don’t think I have any customer installation so far where I didn’t use a similar conversion tool. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian