import data from excel cell

Hello, Does anybody know how to import data from an excel cell into axapta? I’ve tried str sCell; sCellValue = sheets.cell().item(1,1).value() but this does not compile ok. (value() returns a COMvariant whereas sCellValue is a string. An idea as to how I can convert that? thx, Kathleen

To anyone who reads this topic, no need to answer, I found the answer myself, but thanks anyone for reading it :slight_smile: To anyone who reads this topic in the hope to find the answer : str sCell; sCellValue = sheets.cell().item(1,1).value().bStr(); Kathleen

Hi Kathleen, What version of Excel are you using and how did you find the bStr() Method/Property? I can’t get it to work (although I am using Navision, not Axapta).