Import Data from 3rd party application

Hello All,

I want to import data from 3rd party application (db - Sql Server) in to NAV. This is scheduled activity for each day. Primarily I think of using web service.

Please suggest me if any better way for the same.


If your 3rd party database is on the same SQL Server, then you can also create a direct link to this table from Navision.

Or you can use ADO automation to access the database directly from NAV.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your reply. I actually want to import data in to NAV for further processing like jobs and invoices.

What I understand from your reply is that you are suggesting linking / accessing 3rd party database in from NAV.


Hi Asim,

Yes that’s what I’m suggesting.

Create a linked table in Navision (to a view in SQL). I’ve not used that for a few years, but maybe some of our SQL experts her can explain you the deal.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for reply. Today I read about linked view. In my case I don’t want to link table. I want to maintain two copies of data i.e. one in 3rd party database and one in NAV, because in some cases data from 3rd party application may get deleted or lost since it is on different server and I want to have that data in NAV.

Can you suggest me solution for this situation.