Import Customer Balances

Hi , How can I import the customer invoice details from navision 2.6 to navision 5.0



An upgrade, a reimplementation or an integration?

An upgrade

They should be there as part of the upgrade routine then from my understanding - do the upgrade instructions tell you the customer details will be left behind?

The implementation did not include moving the customers nor their account details. We manually input the 500 customers in the new system. Is there a way to import the invoice details?

So it is a reimplementation? You did not upgrade your database to the the latest version? You simply created a new install and started again?

In these instances you need to export the open transactions into a format and then write a dataport to bring them into a journal and post the journal. Alternatively key them all directly into a journal and post them - if they are not in there your opening debtors position would have been created in the accounts as a lump sum? Now bringing them in will obviously duplicate this - talk to your partner, this needs to be managed properly.

Hi Chris,

If you are going to all this trouble, why are you not going to Nav 2009?

We have done a upgrade from 2.6 to 2009 - can’t understand why you didn’t do an upgrade [^o)]


We have moved from 2.6 to 5.0 the one piece missing is the transactions in customers a/c for the year which I want to bring in to the new system. I am still not clear as to how to do this. If you could spell it out please - step by step.



What do you mean “it didn’t include” it? Were you just not willing to pay for it? It’s really something your partner should be doing.

Input all of your customers by hand? That’s crazy.

  1. Get Data

  2. Write Dataport

  3. Import Data

  4. Post Journal to post transactions.

2 may of course be an issue for you, but I have no idea if you can do 1. You could manually open a sales journal and key them in, but what is your TB like, are you live? How many open transactions if you have 500 customers? 10000? Would you key these? Are you a developer? Can you write dataports? Please talk to your partner about this!!