Import csv *.txt file for PO

I’m not sure where this post really belongs, so mods: move me if necessary!

My company recently went live Dynamics AX. I’ve created a script in AX that outputs model and serial number information for one of our customers after invoice. It exports in a text file that they then access via FTP.

This customer uses Dynamics NAV. Even though the format seems identical in the updated script, his NAV system refuses to import the file. I don’t know exactly what he’s doing (I know AX, not NAV) but he is trying to use this text file to receive units they’ve purchased from us. According to him, before we changed systems the model and serial numbers would show up on his screen, allowing him to import them to receive his order. Now, though, it’s completely blank.

The text files’ contents show up correctly when opened in Notepad.

Can anyone help me figure out more of what may be different between the two text file versions, or what specifically NAV looks for when importing a text file for this purpose?

Thanks so much!

So you’re saying the TXT file you used to generate looks just like the new TXT file that you are generating from AX.

But for some reason your customer cannot import the text file. Is this correct?

PS when you open it in notepad & try to save is the encoding ANSI, UTF-8 or Unicode?

Try to tell your customer to open it in notepad & when saving make sure it’s set to ANSI and see what happens.

Yes, that’s correct.

Ooh, I didn’t even think about encoding; that’s a good idea. I’ll have him try that and post back. Thanks for the idea!

Sure enough, the original files were encoded as us-ascii. The new file is utf-16.


Now to create the new post to ask how to change the encoding in AX…[:)]